Truck Access Platforms

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star aluminium truck access platforms

At Star Aluminium, we fabricate light, maneuverable truck access platforms from rugged Aluminium.

This makes them easy to set up and reposition while being strong enough to withstand any weather conditions.

Considering your local conditions and height limits, we can build a rail guard that suits any requirement for trucks or working platforms.

We put safety first with sturdy handrails to make access easy and safety a priority.

Our design includes round tubing for grip and features such as the curved return rail, which allows users a safe way back without having any hard corners.

We can also build truck loading platforms with an extra castor in the center of the platform, allowing them to be joined side-by-side when needed without blocking one’s path.

You can choose from working deck material including checker plate or grid mesh for a strong platform that can be worked on safely and securely.

Depending on your needs of access and equipment use, we can provide these platforms with either steps at a 67 degree angle, or stairs at 45 degrees as per the Australian Standards. 


Platform Height

Platform Area

Standard Option

Deck Type



2000 x 700mm

Stairs 45°

13mm Grid Mesh



3000 x 700mm

Stairs 45°

13mm Grid Mesh



4000 x 700mm

Stairs 45°

13mm Grid Mesh



6000 x 700mm

Stairs 45°

13mm Grid Mesh

Optional upgrades:

  • All Terrain Pneumatic Jockey Wheels
  • Lockable Swivel Castors
  • 100mm Step Section 67°angle
  • Joining Mechanism
  • Harness Cable

The standard platform size built by Star Aluminium is 700mm wide but each can be built to any width specifically for your requirements.  

Most platforms we produce range from 2 meters to 14 meters long, with longer sizes available.

Regardless of the length of the platform, most units over 6 meters  will come in segments so that shipping, storage, and assembly become easy tasks.

  • Standard & customized sizes
  • Made from rigid yet lightweight aluminium
  • Meets Australian Standard (AS 1657-1992)
  • 45° stair access angle with optional 100mm step section on a 67° angle
  • 13mm grid mesh working deck
  • Safety screens 2.4M x 2.4M are also available
  • Platforms can be joined together

Protecting the safety of our customers is a priority for us at Star Aluminium and we ensure all products are manufactured to meet both Australian Manufacturing Standards as well as Safety Standards.


Our products feature a compliance plate in conjunction with engineering certification.


Our standard products comply with OH&S requirements, have a 5-year manufacturing warranty, and meet all standards required by Australia.


Every month, we recommend that you inspect every working platform to make sure they are safe for use.


Check the platform’s surface and weld points in order to ensure there is no external damage or corrosion from weather conditions that can cause a safety issue.


If any damage is found on the equipment when checking your monthly inspection routine please mark the equipment as “out of service” and call us so we may discuss what needs to be repaired.

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