Aluminium Stairs

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star aluminium stairs

Our staircases are manufactured with durability and are intended for rigorous, long-term use in professional fields.

They stand up against the test of time whilst providing support during those tough days at work.

Manufactured to Australian and or the Building Code with anti-slip proxy nosing and full hand railings, Star Aluminium’s stairs are safe, sturdy, and functional for all industries and uses. 

As a leading Aluminium stairs manufacturer, we are proud to provide top-quality, long-lasting products that are the culmination of industry experience, innovation, and investment in the latest technology.


  • Alloy type 6061T6
  • Fixed or removable
  • Fully-welded or flat pack design 
  • Manufactured according to Australian Standards


It’s not just about how many steps there are; your staircase should be safe and sturdy.


It needs to stand up against wear-and-tear, especially if you plan on using it in a professional environment where stairs will always see heavy use!


With aluminium as an option for building new staircases – we’ve got everything covered from strength all the way down to corrosivity resistance so that this durable metal construction lasts forever with minimal maintenance required.


At Star Aluminium, we specialize in making quality aluminium products.


Our Aluminium stairs are designed for frequent and rigorous use, and so are built to be sturdy and durable.


We fully understand the great responsibility we have to our customers and their employees, so we take extremely seriously our commitment to providing only the very best aluminium stairs.


With additional safety features like anti-slip proxy nosing and full hand railings coming as standard, you can count on us to provide safe and practical aluminium stairs for your business.


Whether you’re looking for permanent or mobile stairs, we believe our range has something for everyone.


However, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us and we’ll work with you to tailor-make the custom stairs that are perfect for the specific requirements of your particular business.


So if you’re looking for a new staircase for your business, Star Aluminium is the friendly and professional company you need.


We can provide you with the strong and safe aluminium stairs that fit your requirements, made right here in Australia – and available for you at an affordable price.


Star Aluminium is Australia’s leading aluminium manufacturer, providing high quality aluminium fabrications. We specialize in mobile scaffoldingmobile aluminium stairsmobile aluminium work platform ladders and access platform ladders.

Our Commitment To Quality

At Star Aluminium, we take pride in constructing products that are durable and will last.

Our Keysborough facility is equipped with modern metalworking equipment to ensure the product or solution you receive from us stands out from the rest.

We are proud to create products that last.

Our high-quality Aluminium Stairs are built to last in the toughest conditions and have been designed and built to be tough regardless of size or intended use.

We believe that creating products that last is how we will improve the industry as Australia’s leading Aluminium stairs manufacturer.

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