Pit Access Ladders

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star aluminium Pit Access Ladder

Star Aluminium only designs and manufactures products using strong and rigid aluminium alloy that is also incredibly lightweight – making it an excellent material for the construction of ladders.

Star Aluminium’s experienced and skilled team constructs sturdy aluminium pit access ladders that are durable, safe, and will not corrode over time.

All Star Aluminium pit access ladders are manufactured onsite at our local Australian facility based in Keysborough, Victoria.

Every ladder is designed to comply with WorkSafe requirements and Australian Standards: AS/NZS 1892.

  • 1.2m
  • 1.5m
  • 1.8m
  • 2.0m
  • 2.2m
  • 2.4m
  • 2.8m
  • 3.0m
  • 3.2m
  • 3.5m
  • 3.8m
  • 4.0m
  • 4.2m
  • 4.5m

*Note: Pit Ladders can be manufactured to your requirements. Contact our team on 1300305200 or by email to discuss.

  • Built with strong, lightweight construction
  • Alloy type 6061T6
  • Fully welded
  • Load-rated for up to 150kg
  • Lightweight rungs with anti-slip surface
  • 100mm step section
  • Wall brackets
  • Telescopic handrails

Protecting the safety of our customers is a priority for us at Star Aluminium and we ensure all products are manufactured to meet both Australian Manufacturing Standards as well as Safety Standards.


Our products feature a compliance plate in conjunction with engineering certification.


Our standard products comply with OH&S requirements, have a 5-year manufacturing warranty, and meet all standards required by Australia.


Every month, we recommend that you inspect every working platform to make sure they are safe for use.


Check the platform’s surface and weld points in order to ensure there is no external damage or corrosion from weather conditions that can cause a safety issue.


If any damage is found on the equipment when checking your monthly inspection routine please mark the equipment as “out of service” and call us so we may discuss what needs to be repaired.

Custom Pit Access Ladder Solutions

Star Aluminium proudly specializes in the design and construction of custom-made pit ladders to suit any specific or uncommon needs you may have. 

Simply measure the height that your new ladder will need to access, and our team will develop and manufacture a custom-made pit ladder that is guaranteed to be secure, safe and strong.

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For more information on Pit Access Ladders or any of our other Ladder Solutions, contact our team today at 1300 305 200 or use the QUICK QUOTE button to make an online enquiry.

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