Aluminium Ramps

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star aluminium Ramps

Why Opt for Aluminium Ramps? 

Aluminium – The Perfect Choice: Imagine a material that seamlessly combines impressive strength with featherlight weight – that’s Aluminium! It’s the undisputed champion for crafting top-notch ramps.

Tailored Precision: At our facility, we don’t do one-size-fits-all. Every ramp we create is meticulously designed to your exact specifications, ensuring you get precisely what you need.

6061 T6 Alloy – The Powerhouse: Our loading ramps are forged from the robust yet lightweight Aluminium alloy 6061 T6. This exceptional material guarantees enduring strength and durability.

Built to Last: Our ramps come with a built-in corrosion-resistant design, assuring you that your investment is made to withstand the test of time.

Versatile & Safe: Whether it’s loading in bustling warehouses, navigating challenging construction sites, or simplifying everyday tasks at home – our Aluminium ramps deliver safe, reliable performance in any environment.

Accessible to All: Beyond industry use, our Aluminium ramps serve as a versatile solution for the public. From facilitating easy access for individuals with disabilities to supporting the smooth operation of forklifts and trolleys – these ramps are the embodiment of accessibility and dependability.

Upgrade to our Aluminium Ramps today – experience strength, precision, and longevity like never before!


  • With or Without Hand Rails
  • 3mm Checker Plate Deck
  • 13mm Grid Mesh Deck


Protecting the safety of our customers is a priority for us at Star Aluminium and we ensure all products are manufactured to meet both Australian Manufacturing Standards as well Safety Standards.


Our products feature a compliance plate in conjunction with engineering certification.


Our standard products comply with OH&S requirements, have a 5-year manufacturing warranty, and meet all standards required by Australia.


Every month, we recommend that you inspect your Aluminium Ramps to make sure they are safe for use.


Check the platform’s surface and weld points in order to ensure there is no external damage or corrosion from weather conditions that can cause a safety issue.


If any damage is found on the equipment when checking your monthly inspection routine please mark the equipment as “out of service” and call us so we may discuss what needs to be repaired.

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