Truck Safety Screens

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star aluminium truck safety screens

Star Aluminium truck safety screens are designed to stack together when they’re not in use, making them easy and compact.

They also make a great temporary fall protection system for your staff by helping ensure their safety while fulfilling Australian OHS requirements.

Our safety screens are lightweight and have locking castors, so they’re easy to carry.

They can be easily brought alongside truck trays – even if space is minimal.

The screens provide a strong barrier that meets the Australian Standard for fixed platforms, walkways, stairways, and ladders.

Each screen features built-in chains attached, ensuring they stay in place during travel without any worries of anything falling through or over you into the traffic below!


  • Standard & customised sizes
  • Made from rigid yet lightweight aluminium
  • Meets Australian Standard 
  • 3mm checker plate or 13mm grid mesh working deck
  • Safety screens 2.4M x 2.4M also available
  • Platforms can be joined together
  • Lockable Wheels
  • Lockable chains


Protecting the safety of our customers is a priority for us at Star Aluminium and we ensure all products are manufactured to meet both Australian Manufacturing Standards as well as Safety Standards.


Our products feature a compliance plate in conjunction with engineering certification.


Our standard products comply with OH&S requirements, have a 5-year manufacturing warranty, and meet all standards required by Australia.


Every month, we recommend that you inspect every work platform to make sure they are safe for use.


Check the platform’s surface and weld points in order to ensure there is no external damage or corrosion from weather conditions that can cause a safety issue.


If any damage is found on the equipment when checking your monthly inspection routine please mark the equipment as “out of service” and call us so we may discuss what needs to be repaired.

star aluminium winged platforms

Introducing Star Aluminium Winged Platforms, an innovative solution and alternative for creating temporary fall protection barriers while ensuring safe access to and from heavy machinery, vehicles, maintenance bays, and other machinery.

Our winged platforms offer the perfect combination of safety and convenience, providing a reliable solution for accessing elevated areas and ensuring worker protection.

With their unique design and robust construction, our winged platforms are a valuable addition to any workplace, enhancing productivity while prioritizing safety. 

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