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Steel Fabrication

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what is steel fabrication?

Steel fabrication is steel that has been formed, welded, or cast into a particular shape or structure.

Although steel can be found everywhere from skyscrapers to steel wool, steel fabrication refers to shaping steel to meet specific needs – whether those needs are as big as a bridge or as small as a bracket.

Typically steel fabrication is done by steel fabricators.

Good vs. bad Steel Fabrication

Good steel fabrication is welded steel that has been formed to meet specific needs, while bad steel fabrication involves steel that has not been heat-treated or steel that has not been tested for strength before being used in manufacturing.

To ensure the steel itself is strong enough, it should be tested by a steel lab.

How To Tell Good from Bad Work?

The steel should not bend or break easily, and there should be no cracks.

If the steel has been formed, then seams should align properly and there shouldn’t be any gaps between pieces of steel that have been joined together.

Why Choose Us for Your Steel Fabrication Needs?

We have been steel fabricators for more than 20 years and have worked with steel all over Australia.

Our steel fabrication experience means we can create custom steel pieces for any project.

We engage our clients throughout the entire steel fabrication process and meet their specifications exactly.

Contact us today about steel fabrication for your next project.

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We have been designing and building custom project from Steel for years – our experts ensure that we give each client what they need at a competitive price point.

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