Defence Industry Solutions

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Here at Star Aluminium, we have supplied the Australian Defence Industry with custom solutions for them to be readily used on base.

This just proves our quality that we can provide is not only the best, but safest in the county.

It is such an honor for our work to be recognized and aligned with the Defence Industry, as we aim to provide the safest solutions in the country.

Our commitment to quality helps us to deliver the highest quality services to our country.


"Their ability to meet our deadlines and approach all requests with a can-do attitude makes them a preferred supplier and a pleasure to do business with."


"Star Aluminium consistently provides us with professional service in the manufacture of Australian Standard compliant platforms for safe use by our employees and clients alike."

BERTANPacific National

"The mutual efforts from the engineers, product managers and estimators eased the whole process and produced success both on their end and ours here."


"We now have two custom-made Aluminium platforms. I would gladly recommend Ali and Star Aluminium to anyone who requires skill and trust in their manufacturer."

Safety Is Our Highest Priority

Our Aluminium and Steel fabrication is designed and manufactured to meet Australian standards and all relevant building codes.

We prioritize safety as our top value and commitment when manufacturing access products for our clients.


Our most sought-after products for the Defence industries are:

and many more…

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