Compatible No Bolt 4700 Series

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As of June 3, 2015, Star Aluminium is the only manufacturer you’ll find building scaffolds compatible with the No Bolt 4700 series.

To help bring only the best Aluminium products to our customers, we’ve acquired all of the equipment necessary for producing these pieces, including jigs and various extrusions dies.

We’re proud to offer the highest-quality products in this niche market.

Designed for Ease of Use

The 4700 SERIES features a unique North/South and East/West frame configuration that allows for flexibility and ease of use. 4700 SERIES frames have uniform sizes (915mm high) and can be used anywhere within the scaffold – eliminating the need for designated base frames, guardrail or intermediate frames.

This no bolt configuration makes it easy to assemble, transport and store the scaffold when not in use.


Scaffold towers – Dimensions Base Dimensions (in metres)
Standard Frame Sizes*Scaffold Tower Footprint (l x w)Maximum Height**
0.75m1.2 x 0.751.8 x 0.752.4 x 0.753.0 x 0.751.5 metre
1.2m1.2 x 1.21.8 x 1.22.4 x 1.23.0 x 1.23.6 metre
1.8m 1.8 x 1.82.4 x 1.83.0 x 1.85.4 metre
2.4m  2.4 x 2.43.0 x 2.47.2 metre
3.0m   3.0 x 3.09.0 metre

Tech specs

Load rating:



High-grade structural (6061-T6)


4.7mm tube-wall thickness throughout (OD 48.4mm, ID 39.0mm)

*Denotes width. All frames are 915mm high

**Without the use of outriggers or ties, the 4700 SERIES mobile scaffold tower can be built up to a height of 9 metres. The height of each scaffold varies depending on the number of frames. However, when freestanding, a mobile tower can be built up to a maximum of three (3) times the minimum base dimension.


  • Adjustable base plates
  • Outriggers or ties for over-height towers extra
  • Extra (intermediate) decks can be fitted

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If you have a project that needs a quality height access solution that’s built to last, call us today OR click the QUICK QUOTE button

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