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Aluminium Stairs and Ramps

The stairs and ramps we produce are extremely durable, and intended for rigorous, long-term use in professional fields.

As a leading Aluminium manufacturer, we are proud to provide top-quality, long-lasting products.

Our aluminium stairs and ramps

Aluminium Ramps

Our loading ramps are made from Aluminium alloy 6061 T6 that offers a strong and lightweight design. These ramps offer safe loading in warehouses, construction sites, domestic use and other environments.

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Aluminium Stairs

Our staircases are manufactured with durability and are intended for rigorous, long-term use in professional fields. They stand up against the test of time whilst providing support during those tough days at work.

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Self Levelling Stairs

Whether you need a raised platform to provide access for maintenance, or an elevated area with easy-to-install platforms to allow workers and machinery in tight spaces, Star Aluminium has the solution.

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