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star A-Frame Trolleys

Introducing the Star A-Frame Trolley: Your Ultimate Solution for Seamless Material Transport

In the fast-paced environment of factory warehouses and industrial settings, the need for a reliable and efficient material transport solution is paramount.

The Star A-Frame Trolley emerges as the game-changing answer, designed to revolutionize the way you move glass, stone, and various materials within your workspace.

Versatility at Its Best:
The Star A-Frame Trolley is engineered with unparalleled versatility in mind. Its unique design ensures compatibility with forklifts from all four sides, allowing you to maneuver and position it effortlessly. No more wasting time readjusting – this trolley grants you the freedom to optimize your workflow efficiently.

Precision and Compliance:
Crafted to meet stringent Australian standards, the A-frame guarantees exceptional quality and safety. Its heavy-duty aluminum construction ensures durability, promising longevity and reliability even in demanding environments. Feel confident in your choice, knowing that your trolley aligns with industry benchmarks.

Heavy-Duty Performance:
With a remarkably safe working load of up to 1500kg, the Star A-Frame Trolley takes on the heaviest of loads with ease. Whether you’re transporting fragile glass or robust stone materials, this trolley provides the strength and stability needed to get the job done efficiently and securely.

Complete Package:
Your convenience is our priority. The A-frame trolley arrives equipped with a range of features that make your material handling a breeze. The package includes four removable heavy-duty caster wheels, rubber profiles to safeguard your materials, ratchet straps for secure positioning, and retaining straps for added stability during transit. We’ve thought of every detail to ensure your peace of mind.

Effortless Loading and Transportation:
The Star A-Frame Trolley is designed not only for movement within your workspace but also for seamless loading onto trailers. Its intelligent design ensures that your materials can be easily and safely loaded onto vehicles for transport, minimizing handling efforts and enhancing overall efficiency.

Upgrade your material handling operations today with the Star A-Frame Trolley – your partner in efficiency, safety, and reliability.


  • Height 1280mm

  • Width 970mm

  • Length 1540mm

  • Weight 61.6kg

  • Load rating 1500kg

  • 5-year Manufacturing Warranty

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