Adjustable Tanker Platforms

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star Adjustable Tanker Platforms

One of the biggest challenges faced by tanker truck drivers is finding a safe and reliable way to access the top of their tankers for inspection, maintenance, and loading operations.

That’s where our Star Adjustable Tanker Platform comes into play.

With a height range from 3 meters to 4.5 meters, it ensures easy and hassle-free access to the entire tanker surface.

What sets our tanker platform apart from the rest is its exceptional adjustability.

Traditional platforms often lack versatility, forcing truck drivers to use ladders or makeshift solutions for different-sized tankers.

But not anymore! With the Star Adjustable Tanker Platform, you have complete control over the height, ensuring a perfect fit for every tanker size in your fleet.


  • 4 Adjustable Jacks
  • Heavy Duty Wheels
  • 5-year Manufacturing Warranty
  • Manufactured according to Australian Standards


  • Height Range: 3m-4.5m
  • Top Platform Landing: 630mm wide x 830mm Long
  • Trailer platform landing: 1200mm Wide x 1000mm Long
  • Hoop Guardrail: 1350mm x 1350mm
  • Footprint: 3000mm Long x 1200mm wide

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