Flat Pack Work/Ladder Platforms

Introducing our flat pack work/ladder platforms.

Over the past few months our production & engineering team have been working vigorously to manufacture a flat pack version of our work/ladder platforms.

Why? To provide our customers with both a cost effective product & cheaper freight.

After months of hard work determined at ensuring our flat pack platforms meet all Australian standards with the same 200kg load rating AND have full engineering certification we have FINALLY done it!

All components are welded meaning all you have to do is bolt the handrail & braces together.

Various sizes are available in flat pack versions with full assembly instructions all necessary tools, nuts, bolts & washers.

Of course on requests these products can still be customized to walk thru left, right and/or rear with boom arms or chains.

Our new retractable wheel system can be added to these platforms to ease locking & unlocking.

We have supplied our flat pack work/ladder platforms all over Australia in the last few months of its introduction for the Power Stations up in the Hunter Valley region to the mining sites throughout Queensland.

Not to mention the popularity in the transport industry.

For further information, contact our sales team on 1300 305 200.

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