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For more information on any of our Standard Products or Custom Access Solutions specific to your project requirements, contact our team today at 1300 305 200 or click the QUICK QUOTE button to get started


What Our Customers Have To Say


"Star Aluminium is a cut above the rest and the service we receive from them is second to none. Their ability to supply us with numerous platforms for various projects, and prioritizing the importance of safety on all products, has been most impressive."


"Star Aluminium delivered what they promised, timely, durable, safe and cost effective custom products. The mutual efforts from the engineers, product managers and estimators eased the whole process and produced success both on their end and ours here."


"Manufacturing large pressure vessels is a task fraught with inherent dangers. Access to these vessels during manufacturing and in operation has always been a major concern for us as safety is our number one priority."


"They pride themselves on specializing in custom fabrications and they truly showed their capabilities with our requests. Our tanks were delivered on time, on budget, with continual communication to ensure the end result was of the highest quality."